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Over the last few years our team has grown rapidly and we have completed a vast number of projects in various fields. We are known for our customer services, the quality of work we produce and most of all our competitive pricing.

If you have an IT related project and would like to outsource it, look no further. We have specialties in a majority of fields, take a look at our portfolio to get an idea on what we have accomplished over the years. If there is something in particular you are looking for, and you don't see it on our site. Please do no hesitate to call us or email us for more information. Our friendly staff will customize a package that has samples of work related to what you are looking for. We love to help your business grow, and we will do anything in our power to help you achieve that.

We have focused our energy in helping other businesses grow. If you grow, we grow. That team effort is the reason we have been very successful over the years. We would like to encourage you to try our services and see for yourself what Ashtel Studios can do for you.

The heart of any information technology enterprise is the Solutions that it provides and the services that it offers. We have created solutions for the web, internet, network integration, promotions, presentations, security, and other computing arenas. Our endeavor is to create individual solutions for your individual needs.

The Internet is a world of virtual reality, inhabited by real people. Reality says that public networks such as the Internet shall enable real people to better find, source and distribute information. However things are not that simple anymore. More and more companies now need to provide more than just information over their websites; they need to provide value added services.

We have been initiators for solutions like Online Shopping, E-mail Servers, and Electronic Data Interchange that have been provided by us to our clients. Here we have used the foremost Platform Independent tool, Java to achieve keystones in corporate communication amongst far flung offices in India. We have achieved secure communication with the creation of 128-bit Encryption for inter-corporate communication using public networks. We have made giant strides in introducing online credit verification to India. We have created South Gujarat's first online trading site. Many such firsts are to our credit.

The first generation of computers were simply massive calculators, which were used to crunch numbers. The next generation of computers that are around the corner are two fold. We shall see great strides in the increasing power of connectivity and networked computers particularly as expressed in the next generation of the Internet. The second area of achievement shall be portable computing.

We can already see the technology thrusts of the future such as WAP, VoiceXML, Bluetooth all providing keystone product development. These developments shall revolutionize the way we have visualized computer technology at work. Each of these solutions foresees advances in the public networking technology both in terms of bandwith and in terms of numbers with the prime focus attached to interconnecting daily use utilitarian devices such as mobile phones, refrigerators, televisions all inter-connected to each other working into a co-operative zonal interaction with networked devices.

7 Day Dental

This project consisted of an online wedding card portal. We created an online collection of wedding cards that can be customized online.

Our client wanted a job portal built for their department. Their main goal was to bring students and employers together through this site.
This project was created for a non profit organization for the Skih Community in UC Berkely.
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